Saturday, January 3, 2015

Drenched - Qu Wan Ting (Drenched - 曲婉婷)

When minutes become hours
When days become years
And I don't know where you are
Color seems so dull without you

Have we lost our minds?
What have we done?
But it all doesn't seem to matter anymore

When you kissed me on that street I kissed you back
You held me in your arms I held you in mine
You picked me up to lay me down
When I look into your eyes
I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I
I'm drenched in your love
I'm no longer able to hold it back

Is it too late to ask for love?
Is it wrong to feel right?
When the world is winding down
Thoughts of you linger around

Repeat *

Repeat ** x2

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