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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kong Mo Ba - Doughboy & Shimica Wong (狂舞吧 - Doughboy & 黃宇希)

若未來是五官的神情 就用自由做眼睛
Yeuk mei loi si ng goon dik san ching jau yung ji yau jo ngaan jing
望著路途亮與黑也高興 Oh
Mong jeuk lo to leung yue hak ya go hing Oh
現在原是最好的年華 就盡全力愛吧
Yin joi yuen si jui ho dik nin wa jau jun chuen lik oi ba
誰在注目 凝望你嗎 如畫 那樣美麗無瑕
Sui joi jue muk ying mong nei ma yue wa na yeung mei lai mo ha

I remember like it was yesterday you and me chase the stress away
I wish i could see you one more time so I could tell you what was on my mind
Feelings I had i was to shy to say want to make sure you wouldn't cry today
I know it's getting colder you can lean on my shoulder
It's going to be fine and I promise it isn't over
Been gone too long this emotional trip goes on and on
I hope you'll be strong not alone anymore cos you have this song

若自由是最輕的雲霞 問問被誰摘過嗎
Yeuk ji yau si jui hing dik wan ha man man bei sui jaak gwoh ma
願望是留在掌心吻一下 Oh
Yuen mong si lau joi jeung sam man yat ha Oh
現在原是最青春年華 就盡情地愛吧
Yin joi yuen si jui ching chun nin wa jau jun ching dei oi ba
留樹蔭下 來共舞嗎 時光 這樣美麗無瑕
Lau sue yam ha loi gung mo ma si gwong je yeung mei lai ho ma

Yeah, I'm addicted to your laughter
You are the only one to fill these pages and these chapters
We can share our dreams girl I'll let you know my plans
Just look into my eyes, the best day of my life
Is when you and me are holding hands

Let me dance tonight To me turn on the searchlight
The signal of freedom Will be embroidered on the sky
Oh dance with me tonight And fill the darkness with the light
Cause you're my only cure For this young and troubled mind I am redefined

流連城市 人來人往 為了理想起舞吧
Lau lin sing si yan loi yan wong wai liu lei seung hei mo ba
狂雷暴雨 亦要擁抱好嗎
Kong lui bo yue yik yiu yung po ho ma
無憾地笑 無憾地跳 夜晚看星在發光
Mo ham dei siu mo ham dei tiu ye maan hon sing joi faat gwong
像滿天熱舞中的花 向我們盛放
Jeung moon tin yit mo jung dik fa heung ngoh moon sing fong

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