Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Unlove - Koala Liu (Unlove - 劉思涵)

Wanna hold you tight feel you like your mine
At least say our goodbyes
You took your time
To make up your mind
Left our love here to subside

You made it clear that these years came to an end
Trust and warmth that we shared
Had to pretend
I didn't care
In the end we're barely friends

That day I called you on the phone
The dead silence I should've known
Stop tearing my skin and bones

Wish I could unlove
Wish I could quit your kiss
Though you left my heart in pieces
Boy how can I resist

Too much
You've hurt me too much
You're a dream that I'll give up
Tears are words my heart can't express
So I'll unlove you instead
Bye love

Repeat *

Repeat **

Repeat ***

Repeat ****

Repeat ***

Repeat ****

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