Friday, October 30, 2020

Blue Bird - Della Ding Dang (Blue Bird - 丁噹)

Blue bird singing in the tree
Fly away in broken wings
Let's count to one two three
Just leap and let our mind be free

Blue bird dancing in my dream
Take my love back home to me
If I count to one two three
Will he be next to me
So many years have passed us by

I'm holding back the tears
I'm holding back the fears
Fly into the storm to where you are

I'm holding back the tears
May these broken wings will
Be strong enough to take me all the way to you

Across the ocean
You'll be waiting
A lighthouse that shining out forever
Watch me fly so high
See how my colors paint the sky

Repeat *

Repeat **

Repeat ***

Repeat ****

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