Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Metal Girl - Eve Ai Yi Liang (Metal Girl - 艾怡良)

Momma said it's hard to tell
Didn't say how bad it feels fine
Once is enough to grow
She never knows what's in my bones fine

As we all know love is sweet but also fatal
And you'll learn to freeze yourself like a metal girl
Like I said when you've been through it then you're a metal girl
Lift your pride girl wipe your eyes girl let it shine
And that's the way I survive

Turn around and see me cry
This would be the final time
Turn around and keep your lies
Gonna make it tough tonight

No victors in this game
This is what I've been told lies
Look out what I was built for
Wasn't to lose it all fight

Repeat *

Repeat **

When the rain falls down it cools my heart
Platinum made my soul so keep your crap away
All I got from you was torture
So it's time for me to be like for me to be like
Like a metal girl

Repeat ** x2

Won't you go and leave my side just leave my side
This would be the final time to see me cry
You see me cry

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